Book News!

Past Legends is Now Available For Pre-Order!
Launches October 28th!

Past Legends

An immortal witch of Camelot. A looming magical crisis. A destiny she’s willing to reject.

All Nimue wants is a peaceful life, but her past won’t leave her alone. And when her friend Iseult brings news that her old rival Morgawse has been abducted, an impending catastrophe lands on her doorstep. And worse, the wizard responsible is Nimue’s ex, Nostradamus.

Dragged into another adventure, Nimue confronts her former flame as he wages a desperate quest, only to be thrust deeper into an escalating crisis. As Nimue struggles to unravel what is happening, she discovers dark secrets that threaten the heart of magical energy. Now it’s her fate to rescue magic for every witch and wizard, including her friends. Trouble is, she wants no part of being magic’s saviour.

Will Nimue step up as a champion? Or will she let the magical world die?

Past Legends: The Camelot Immortals Book One, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy inspired by the tales we all know and love. If you like strong snarky heroines, wizards and witches, and copious amounts of alcohol, then you’ll love the adventures of Nimue and her friends.

And, as an added bonus, I’m offering the Camelot Immortals prequel, Eternal Myths, as a free download to anyone who preorders the book. Just message me at my Facebook Page with a proof of purchase (a screenshot of the order confirmation, an official Amazon tweet/share of the purchase, a picture of it on your Kindle, etc.) and I’ll send you the download link for Eternal Myths.

Fairy Tales Punk’d Has Launched Its Kickstarter

Fairy Tales Punk’d: An Illustrated Mythpunk Anthology

Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Cyberpunk – oh my! If you like fractured fables and mythic mash-ups, you’ll love this collection of tales. The reward goodies for pledging include: Fairy Tales Punk’d in both digital and print formats, additional books of short stories, plus a novel and non-fiction book by Phoebe Darqueling. Plus, extra short stories from some of the authors and comics pages from our artists!

And our add-on rewards can be added to any tier, which makes it easy to build your own reward package.

And wait, there’s more… The Kickstarter has early bird specials that are limited time only.

My story is The Girl in the Tower, a reworking of the Rapunzel tale.
Here’s a look at the artwork for that story.

And here’s a quick quote from the story.

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