Drabble Wednesday: Invasion?

The conclusion to the weird and wonderful Zombie Cows saga.

The Rise of the King

I saw the wings first: red, bat-like. They unfurled to reveal…
“A monkey?” Frankie’s voice disrupted the tension. “Wearing a crown?”
The creature crept forward on all fours before rising on two legs to its full height. I shivered. Memory fragments flashed in my head. Of being chased, of running and screaming.
“I know you! One of those interdimensional flying monkeys!”
A deep-throated laugh rumbled from the creature. “I am not simply one of those flying monkeys, I am their king. And you have set me free.”
“Um, oops?” Frankie’s voice shook.
“Oops, indeed. For I will kill you now.”

Showdown: Part 1

I screamed, not so much from fear (although I was afraid) as out of frustration. The sound spooked the cows and they stampeded between us and the monkey guy.
I grabbed Frankie’s arm and hissed, “Run.”
I heard the flap of wings and looked up. The monkey king creature chased us.
I made a beeline for a certain service alcove. I stashed something there after we saved the system from Doctor Quackenboss. I just managed to open the right panel when the monkey caught up with us.
He landed, folding his wings against his back. He smiled, showing his fangs.

Showdown: Part 2

We all stared at each other. The monkey seemed amused.
“I’m tired of this crap. Frankie, did you disable Doctor Quackenboss’ Omega Protocol yet?”
“No, it’s still running. You told me to leave to last.” He glared.
I smiled. “Good.”
Frankie looked confused, but the monkey guy laughed.
“Whatever that might be, your puny efforts cannot stop me.”
I snatched the latest Mark VII pulse rifle from its hiding place, aimed, and pulled the trigger. The monkey’s insides disintegrated.
“I’d say our efforts work great without the virtual space safety measures.”
The monkey said nothing, him being dead and all.

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