Drabble Wednesday: The Winds of War

After a little holiday hiatus, Drabble Wednesday is back with three new fantasy stories, which will be continued into next week at least. Hope you enjoy this new short series.

Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

Morning Sun

She stood in the reflection of the morning sun, golden halos tickling wisps of her hair. Fragrance wafted from the flowers decorating the bedroom and a perfume jar on the floor. She had waited for him all night, but he never came. Now she slipped behind the dressing screen, changing from a silken robe to a linen dress.

She was in no hurry; news would arrive and a broken heart would follow. Battle sounds had raged outside the window all night, before silence. He did not come, and he never would. The war had claimed him, and she was alone.

The Ship

Packed like fish in a barrel, and just as smelly, the refugees crowded the decks of the ship as it sailed towards the open sea. The city held no safety, not with invading soldiers flooding the streets. Better to take your chances on a treacherous ocean journey. Any destination better than the one they fled.

Or so they told themselves. The seas didn’t agree.

The vessel, low in the water, tilted into a thunderous storm, and crashing waves dealt the final blow to any escape. Cracking wood and panicked screams resounded in the night before the waters swallowed the ship.


“Please, no! Spare me!”

The soldier pulled the trigger and shot the man in the head. He signalled his officers to move to the next house. Empty, they looted it and continued on. As they yanked more enemy citizens into the streets, the soldier curled his lip in distaste. A woman spit on his boot and he shot her in the face. The rest were executed by his order.

“We should just torch this whole wretched place.” The soldier kicked a corpse in frustration. “Have you found anyone who would talk? Tell us where she is?”

“No sir. She’s gone.”

To Be Continued…

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