Drabble Wednesday: Penultimate Penguin

So we come to the second to last chapter in the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse. The lead up to next week’s climax. Enjoy.

Image by way choose from Pixabay

The Concluding Countdown

“The cows aren’t zombies again!”

Frankie grinned as he dashed into the control room and hugged the nearest bovine. They mooed happily.

“Nah.” I grinned. “I need you to give him control of the cameras.”

“And you chaps escaped the closet, well done.”  Doctor Quakenboss gave us a nod. “But that nasty Le Pingouin Noir fellow is still in charge of the facility. Fluffy and I attempted to thwart him, but no luck. Should we send out for reinforcements?”

 “But that will alert the penguins to your whereabouts. They will converge on the control room.”

“Exactly what I’m counting on.”

These Final Penguins

“Are you sure about this?” Frankie glanced at the control panels. “Fluffy’s ready to hit the button, but if you’re wrong…” He bit his lip.

“That’s why you, the cat, and the cows are heading to the emergency exit before Fluffy does his thing. And he’ll be right behind you.”


 No, buts. I know I’m right. And if I’m not, you go for help. Now scoot.”

Frankie and the cows left and I turned to Fluffy. “Hit the intercoms and the cameras.”

Fluffy squeaked at me, hit the button and scurried away.

“Hey Ninja Bear, I’ve got your sword!”

Last Stand of the Penguins

Over the intercom speakers, I heard a growling scream and a chorus of moaning voices chant, “Fish brains.”

They were coming. 

I brandished the katana and yelled, “Come and get me, zombie penguins! You too, you dumb Ninja Bear.”

It took fifteen minutes for them to trickle in and wander aimlessly around the room. I was protected within the exclusivity zone, but still, it was pretty pathetic for a zombie invasion. 

“Give me back my sword!”

Finally, the stupid bear was here. I wanted to see her face when it happened.

I shrieked, “Pomegranate!”

Every zombie in the room collapsed.

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