Drabble Wednesday: Apocalypse Down

And now we come to the end of the Zombie Penguin Apocalypse with four drabbles instead of three.

Final Penguin

A whiny scream echoed through the facility.

I smiled. “Gotcha, Oswald.”

“How? How did you know?”

“That you perfected and used your RWV interface program? It was the Ninja Bear’s sword. Only that program could allow real world objects to be used by virtual characters. I took a chance you kept the failsafe intact.” I grinned. “But you are sort of lazy like that.”

“Impossible! I only mentioned that failsafe in one interview!”

“I told you I was a fan.”

“You haven’t won! I will—wait how did… What are you doing? Help! Help me!”

Static sparked through the intercom.


This is the Thunder Penguin

“I am the Thunder Penguin!”  The voice rumbled throughout the compound.

“Oh, shit.” I raced to the command console and checked the heat sensors. “There, the auxiliary generator room.”

I raced off, moments later bursting through the room’s doors. The Thunder Penguin was slapping Oswald repeatedly.

“Get your flippers off Le Pingouin Noir, you villain!”

The Thunder Penguin turned. “Am I a villain?” He twitched, his matrix glitching and glowing. “Villain, villain. I am a villain. I’m not a villain.”

Then the room exploded in a glorious burst of electric energy.

I woke to see Frankie’s face grinning at me.

Aftermath Ending

I sat up and looked around. As well as Frankie, I saw the anxious faces of the cows and the pets. “What happened?”

“The Thunder Penguin experienced a spectacular internal program paradox and reset. It’s harmless, back in the system.”

“What about the others? Where’s Oswald?”

“I sent everyone back into the system from the control room. They weren’t really a threat after you shut them down but better safe than sorry. We still have to dismantle all of Le Pingouin Noir’s hacks, though, before everything’s back to normal.”

“Where’s Oswald?”

Frankie shrugged. “He’s gone. Sort of vanished.”

“Oh, shit.”

The Day After the Penguins

“You know corporate is going to throw a fit over the power bill. Those remote VR generators take up a lot of juice.”

Frankie shrugged “Tell them to bill Oswald.”

“If they can find him. I can’t believe he escaped.”

“Um…” Frankie stared at his keyboard

“What do you know?”

“I think he accessed the dimensional portal and fled to the flying monkey world.”

I stared, my mouth hanging open. “Oswald’s in the flying monkey world?”

“I’m not sure, but I warned Zippy to be safe. He and Zelda say hi, by the way.”

 I felt a headache coming on.

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