Day 27 – National Poetry Month: Paradise in Nightmare

Today's poem is a bit of a chant poem and a bit of a free verse poem, from the prompt Paradise in Nightmare. Enjoy. Photo by Joonas ku00e4u00e4riu00e4inen on Paradise in Nightmare Live the High Lifesipping champagneGilded age of dreams,at someone else’s expenseYour paradisebuilt on nightmare Boom or Bustlet the gold flowNever mind the... Continue Reading →

Day 10 – National Poetry Month: Abstract Colour

For day ten, I give you a chant poem from the prompt, Abstract Colour. Enjoy. Photo by Pok Rie on Abstract Colour Transparent hue, pastel light,vivid splashes against the placidVermillion splatters in the backgroundPaint the world in abstract colour Wake the world in vibrancyGossamer dancers on the stage;an eruption in rose-tinted lifePaint the world... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month Day 15: Traditions

Apparently I'm in a controversy mood this month with another thought-provoking poem. Traditions Don’t change our waysWe need our traditionsRespect our forbearersWhile the hanging rope swings from the tree We have the right to bear armsWe have the right to be heardWe must preserve our historyWhile the hanging rope swings from the tree That’s how... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month Day 5: Adoring Insults

Here's my poem for day 5. Image by Alexey Marcov from Pixabay  Adoring Insults A brandy cocktailand the cutting laughterAdoring insultsas your friends look on Out on the townA subtle roving eyeAdoring insultsas she watches you Too much wineand fewer invitationsAdoring insultsas hearts turn bitter Familiarity out of styleResentful recriminationsAdoring insultsas bonds shatter like glass

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