National Poetry Month Day 4: Silver Eyes

A triolet poem for you today from the prompt Silver Eyes and the image below. Enjoy. This image was generated by AI at InstantArt and then modified by me with Photoshop. Silver Eyes What secrets does she holdbehind her silver eyes?Swathed in anonymities foretoldWhat secrets does she hold?Forbidden wisdom or treasure gold?Locked beyond her enchanted... Continue Reading →

Day 29 – National Poetry Month: Hidden Midnight

Today's poem is a triolet from the prompt, Hidden Midnight. Enjoy. Photo by Amar Saleem on Hidden Midnight Within a tick of the winding clockas the witching hour passesShadows form and devils flockwithin a tick of the winding clock,while the shapes of death stalkagainst your eternity and ashesWithin a tick of the winding clockas... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – National Poetry Month: Fragmented Thunderclouds

And on Day 3, I bring you a triolet poem from the prompt, Fragmented Thunderclouds. Enjoy. Photo by Georgina Escobar on Fragmented Thunderclouds Untamed intensity breaking,shattering into the pelting rainDisturbed turmoil wakingUntamed intensity breakingThe infinite firmament quakingagainst the tranquil plainUntamed intensity breakingshattering into the pelting rain ©2022 A. F. Stewart

National Poetry Month Day 4: Orange Painted

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and welcome to Day 4 of National Poetry Month. Here's today's poem, written in the triolet form. Image by danny moore from Pixabay  Orange Painted An orange-painted sky,a gleaming morning sunriseScintillation on highAn orange-painted skysketching beauty for the eyeover atmospheric disguiseAn orange-painted sky,a gleaming morning sunrise

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