Day 3 – National Poetry Month: Fragmented Thunderclouds

And on Day 3, I bring you a triolet poem from the prompt, Fragmented Thunderclouds. Enjoy. Photo by Georgina Escobar on Fragmented Thunderclouds Untamed intensity breaking,shattering into the pelting rainDisturbed turmoil wakingUntamed intensity breakingThe infinite firmament quakingagainst the tranquil plainUntamed intensity breakingshattering into the pelting rain ©2022 A. F. Stewart

National Poetry Month Day 4: Orange Painted

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and welcome to Day 4 of National Poetry Month. Here's today's poem, written in the triolet form. Image by danny moore from Pixabay  Orange Painted An orange-painted sky,a gleaming morning sunriseScintillation on highAn orange-painted skysketching beauty for the eyeover atmospheric disguiseAn orange-painted sky,a gleaming morning sunrise

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 4: Life

The poem for Day Four.   Image by Pexels from Pixabay   Life A sturdy bicycle, waiting Against the wrought-iron fence, the early morning abating A sturdy bicycle, waiting Over coffee and croissants, debating inconsequential offence A sturdy bicycle, waiting Against the wrought-iron fence       © A. F. Stewart 2019 All Rights Reserved

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