Drabble Wednesday: A Dickens of a Time

Sorry for the lack of posts these last two weeks but some unexpected things happened, good and bad, and I got behind. But here is the next installment of The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga, and more adventures with the Time Sheep.

Image by WaSZI from Pixabay 

In the Stream Again

“Japan? How did we end up in Japan?” Dr. Stein glared at the distant temple and the surrounding trees.
“Ask the sheep.” Tracy shrugged. “Damned if I know how this all works. At least the mob isn’t chasing us anymore. Those ancient Romans are vicious.”
Dr. Stein sighed. “I’m assuming it’s quantum physics, although I have no idea why they used a sheep for the experiment.” He stared at Debbie, who snarled.
Tracy turned. “Someone’s coming. We’d better hide.”
“Agreed. I’ve had enough of locals with sharp farm instruments.” Dr. Stein rubbed his backside as they hurried off the road.

Ninja Time

“I can’t believe this. Caught by ninjas.” Dr. Stein hissed in Tracy’s ear, struggling against the ropes binding his hands.

“I told you to stay quiet.” Tracy glared. “I swear if we get killed by ninjas I’ll make you pay.”

“That makes no sense—” A baaa sound interrupted him and Debbie wandered over. She began chewing on their ropes. “Good sheep. I take back everything I said about you.”

Voices yelled in a flurry of angry Japanese as two men rushed towards the trio. A blue light enveloped them as four people and one sheep vanished into the time stream.

Image by Wortflow from Pixabay 

The Tale of Three Time Travellers

“This wretched corset is so tight I can barely breathe!” Tracy growled, trying to adjust the bodice of her voluminous dress.

Dr. Stein whispered, “Do you think I’m happier about my outfit? We need to blend in. And stop wriggling like that, we’re trying to stay inconspicuous.”

Tracy glared, but dropped her hands to her side. “We have a sheep following us down a London street. That’s fairly conspicuous.”

“That can’t be helped. It’s not as if we can control that sheep. And if we don’t hurry and rescue Charles Dickens from those ninjas, there will be hell to pay!”

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