Drabble Wednesday: Time Spurts

Welcome back to Drabble Wednesday and three more adventures with Tracy, Dr. Stein and Debbie the Time Sheep.

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

Run, Tracy, Run

“That can’t be real.” Dr. Stein’s mouth dropped open as he saw the group of mounted warriors thundering down a road in a cloud of dust. Suddenly, one horseman veered from the pack shouting, “Bandits!” and raced across the field towards them. He drew a sword from his sheath, screaming, “Die, foul miscreants!”

Dr. Stein shrieked, and took off at a dead run in the opposite direction, Tracy at his heels, and a snarling Debbie loping behind them. The pounding of hoofs rang louder in their ears and then… a flash of blue light swept them away.

Tracy screamed, “Run!” 

Gin, Sheep, and Tommy Guns

They landed in a seedy warehouse facing three men with old-fashioned machine guns. Who was more surprised, the three temporal adventurers, or the thugs facing down two people and a sheep, is a question for the ages. At Tracy’s shout, the trio dashed away, into the shadows of the building, chased by the bite of bullets whizzing past them.

They crowded behind some crates to hide, Dr. Stein knocking Tracy into a box. It clinked its contents, and Tracy glanced down, hissing, “Watch it.” She smiled as she spied the gin bottles, grabbing one as another blue light enveloped them.

Respite in the Sand

Tracy and Dr. Stein looked at the stars from a quiet beach. Beside them Debbie snored softly, lost in the dreams of sheep (counting people perhaps?).

Dr. Stein, slightly tipsy on gin, mused, “This is a bit of a pickle we’re in, isn’t it?” Tracy nodded. “Still, this place was quite nice in its day. I’m glad I got to see it.”

“Yeah. Good thing we landed when we did though, otherwise…” Tracy waved the gin bottle.

“Yes, very glad that dratted sheep didn’t bring us to Pompeii during the eruption.”

“Amen to that.” Tracy raised the gin and drank.

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