Drabble Wednesday: The Sheep Thickens

We are back again for Drabble Wednesday and more adventures with Tracy, Dr. Stein, and Debbie the Time Sheep.


Tracy smirked at Dr. Stein and moved to retrieve a syringe of sedative. As her hand reached out, radiant luminosity filled the room, temporarily blinding her and Dr. Stein. When her vision cleared, Tracy found herself staring at a snarling sheep.

She stepped back, grabbing the first thing from the counter: the battery-powered food processor. She inched her way towards Dr. Stein’s cage as the fuzzy wooled thing growled. It leapt, slamming four hooves and fluff into Tracy’s chest and knocking her against the cage.

Seconds later, Tracy, Dr. Stein, and the sheep disappeared in a flash of blue light.

Time Bites

Our top news story: Two people have vanished from the Dinosaur Utopia research habitat. The infamous Tracy clone and acclaimed genetic researcher Dr.  Stein have gone missing from the controversial facility. It is not the first incident at the location, and the worst is feared.

In other news, the Flying Monkey Time Institute is tracking the history-hopping “Time Sheep” and we have new images from their chronometric trace camera. You can clearly see Debbie and two people arrive from the temporal stream. That begs the question: Has the Time Sheep taken hostages?

Wait, is that woman holding a food processor?

Where the Heck Are We?

Snapping jaws greeted Tracy as she opened her eyes and she scurried away from the snarling sheep, bumping into a groaning Dr. Stein. They stared at Debble, watching the drool drip from her mouth.

Dr. Stein whined, “What happened?”

Tracy shrugged. “Haven’t a clue, but we’re not in the research habitat anymore. Also, that thing, “ she pointed at the sheep, “caused it.”

Stein glanced around. “We’re in a field. How did we get in a field?”

“Um,” Tracy replied, “I think a better question is why are knights galloping down the road over there?”

Dr. Stein gaped as Debbie bleated.

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