Drabble Wednesday: Virtual Corporate

Today I am revisiting the world of Frankie and Joni, but with a twist. I’m giving you a look into the mysterious world of Corporate, the company in charge of the virtual world…

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS on Pexels.com

Bickering Gods

Somewhere in the bowels of Corporate Headquarters…
“We need new ideas for holo-programs. Our visitor numbers are way down. Our main competitor has that new immersive dance experience and what do we have? Bupkus and falling revenue.”
“Well, I do have an idea, but it’s odd.”
“I’m desperate. Let’s hear it.”
“Greek mythology is hot right now, some big nostalgia craze. So we take like Zeus and Hera and turn them into this dysfunctional couple always complaining about each other. Have other gods taking sides, a real show with visitors being mortals caught up in the shenanigans.”
“I like it.”

Pitch Session

Corporate executives huddled around a table…
“So we have the whole gods thing being hashed out, what else have you got. We need to smash the competition. Make our company the number one virtual reality complex in the world!”
“More zombies?”
“Nah, it’s been done to death. What else?”
“Our holiday programs do well. Maybe do some niche ones like World UFO Day?”
“No! Have you forgotten the fiasco of our National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day program? Next.”
“What about a historical? Warring families, fighting over kingdoms?”
“Could work, but we’d need a hook.”
“Add some dragons?”
“That’s a keeper.”

One Last Pitch

Corporate executives huddled around a table…again.
“Okay, the head honchos loved our two ideas, but they want one more. Something big. Epic!”
“How about this band of adventurers on this dangerous quest to return this evil mystical thing somewhere before it destroys the world.”
“What kind of mystical thing?
“Does it matter?”
“No, but we have to put something in the description.”
“Um, then make it a ring, no, a gauntlet.”
“Excellent. So this is a fantasy program?
“Nah, it’s a quest in outer space .”
“That’s it! Perfect…”

“Hey, Frankie. You’ll never guess what Corporate wants us to build now.”

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