Drabble Wednesday: Moments

Another Drabble Wednesday and another three stories. Enjoy.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

One More Breath

The last few moments of your life aren’t spent on reflection, no spinning memories in your head. Regrets perhaps, in those brief seconds of calm, but you’re fighting to survive, clawing past the pain and darkness for extra breath, a way to cheat death, to slither out of the darkness to see tomorrow.

You know they’re coming for you, and some lay dead behind you; their knives ripped through your guts. Blood continually seeps through your fingers, but you run, and keep running. You fight to live, you ache for one more breath, knowing it will all be over soon.


I long to see the sunrise over the mountains again, to visit my home. The beautiful images are fading in my mind, as are many memories from my youth. I can no longer see my father’s face and my mother’s smile is fleeting. But I remember watching the sunrise from my room, marvelling at the wondrous colours spreading across the snow-capped peaks that towered above our village.

It is a dream, but one that is lost. I will never see the world again. I will die in this cell surrounded by its grey stone walls. Locked away, a forgotten prisoner.

Edge of the World

She stood on the shore, the scent of the lilac blossoms swirling in the wind. A grey sky hid the sun, yet the tears of rain wouldn’t fall. Appropriate she felt, given the circumstances. Everything seemed on the edge of a sigh, trapped in an eerie calm before the facade cracked.

Staring at the horizon, she strained to see movement within the wall of grey mist swallowing the water. But all was still and silent. She wanted to scream, yet her voice caught in her fear, crushed in her new reality.

Where did they go? Why am I all alone?

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