Drabble Wednesday: Consequences

And Drabble Wednesday is back after a week off due to weather and other life things. Three more dark stories today so enjoy.

Photo by Vittorio Staffolani on Pexels.com


The ravens circled the battlefield, one landing on a sword plunged into the ground. It pecked at the hand still grasping the hilt, but flew off in fear as the body groaned. A death rattle; the last desperation of survival as his blood and guts spilled into the dirt.

Through closing eyes, he saw his broken comrades, the ravens feasting on their corpses. He counted friends and enemies alike, their cold gaze never to see the sunrise again. He knew his fate would be the same, and his fingers loosened from the weapon, his existence falling forward into the mud.


Why did it matter? Any of it?

Around him, the forest darkened and the light turned into a warm amber glow. They sent him to do their bidding, serve the crown and kingdom, but to what end? The path he walked was theirs, not his, and for years now the doubts crept within his thoughts.

I want a different life. A free life.

Yet, he still obeyed, bowed and delivered. Another job, another town, more trust betrayed, one more corpse left behind. For he knew he had no choice. Be the king’s assassin or…

The next corpse will be mine.

The Tower

Frozen in ice and snow, the tower soared against the sky, nestled on the farthest mountain, watching over the world. Some say it once served as home to the moon goddess, some said it had been abandoned in the Celestial War. No one thought it more than a relic of the old ways. And no one asked if the old ways had disappeared.

On the night of the fullest moon, they came. The ghosts and sprites, the gods and demons. Swarming across the lands with blades and magic until all remembered their names, until all bowed fealty to the Tower.

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