Drabble Wednesday: Return of the Time Sheep

It is May and welcome back to Drabble Wednesday with the return of Debbie the Time Sheep, who’s off to fight a pending apocalypse. Inspiration for this nutty storyline goes the 12 Monkeys TV show, Planet of the Apes, and The Terminator. Also, the addition of warrior/feral chickens was 100% inspired by Ron Lahr and Indie Mayhem. So blame him for the fowl havoc. If you need a refresh of previous events with Debbie I’ve listed the posts at the end.

This photo is AI generated by Adobe Firefly and edited with Photoshop.

The Time Sheep Rides Again

Somewhere in the Flying Monkey Time Institute.
Blue light crackled in the middle of a laboratory, shocking two scientists as a half-naked, manic man materialized in the middle of the room.
“The end is nigh! Doom is coming!” Then the crazed man screamed, “Twelve! It’s the twelve! Stop the monkeys! Stop the rise of the chickens!”
Down in the basement of the Time Sheep Division Debbie glowed…
… as the demented man shouted, “Stop the Twelve Mon—”
Then both man and sheep vanished.
“Oh, dear. You don’t think he meant the chimps we’ve used in the experiments?”
“Nah. Can’t be.”

Back Into Future Time

A bleating Debbie danced inside the luminescent void, her tiny sheep legs doing the macarena. Beside her, the unhinged visitor quacked like a duck and did jazz hands. They spun through time towards an unfolding future, dark and sinister. A future ruled by the Twelve. And their chickens.
Time finally spat them out in an underground bunker, the stronghold of the Resistance.
The leader pulled the crazed man to his feet.
“Jimmy, did it work? Did you warn them? Bring the promised help?”
Jimmy smiled, a trippy look on his face. “Yes.”
Debbie stepped out from behind him and bleated.

Serving Time

“That’s our help? A sheep?” The leader stepped back in amazement. “Did time travel scramble your brains, Jimmy?”
Jimmy shook his head and whispered reverently, “She’s the Time Sheep…”
A series of ooohs echoed through the gathered crowd, but the leader replied, “The what?”
Debbie, now bored, took offence and promptly bit the leader, nipping away a small chunk of flesh and then chewing on her snack. Screams ensued, and some quick medical aid, but the leader knew what it meant.
“She’s carnivorous. Bring in the captured chicken!”
A squawking feral chicken was hauled in. Debbie licked her lips.

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