Drabble Wednesday: Coming Home

This week I’m wrapping up the Time Sheep story and the The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga (at least for now) with four drabbles. Tune in next week as we return to the world of Frankie and Joni for the Zombie Cows sequel, Zombie Penquin Apocalypse.

Commencing Countdown

“We have a lock on your temporal signature. The initial sequence has begun. Please move as close to the sheep as possible.” 

Tracy and Dr. Stein shifted position closer to Debbie.

“There may be severe disorientation and time dilation flashbacks during retrieval. Please feel free to scream.”

“Wait, what?” Dr. Stein’s whine echoed as the Flying Monkey Time Institute’s procedure began, sucking the trio into the artificially induced spatial time corridor.

Screaming did indeed happen—mostly from Dr. Stein—as warped images of ninjas, Charles Dickens, mobsters, and knights were sucked sideways through everyone’s brain.

Then they were swallowed by the void.

Trippy, Man

“Look at the pretty lights.” Tracy reached towards the strange luminesce as they flowed along the time stream. Visions of raisins danced in her head and she glanced over at Stein and Debbie.

The sheep sailed on her back, her little legs waving in the air. She bleated in rhythm, to the tune of Greensleeves. The lights danced around her, lighting her wool in sap greens and fuchsia pink.

 Dr. Stein spun like a top, moaning and belching. He shrieked in laughter, before reciting, “Tracy had a little lamb, little lamb.”

Then they fell through a hole in the universe.

No Place Like The Lab

Tracy woke up on a gurney and bolted upright. Debbie stood in a pen on the far side of the room, eating hay. A snore attracted her attention and she saw Dr. Stein strapped to another guney, fast asleep. Footsteps pulled her attention to the door.

“Oh, good. You are awake. I’m Dr. Cornelius Beckett, lead scientist with the Time Sheep Initiative. You’ll be happy to know the retrieval was a 100% success.”

Tracy grunted. “What’s with him?” She gestured at Stein.

“We had to sedate him for security reasons. There’s still the matter of the data breach.”

“Oh shit.”

Termination of the Time Sheep Initiative

To: Security Services (Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories)

From: Time Sheep Division (Flying Monkey Time Institute)

The Tracy clone showed no adverse side effects from the inadvertent temporal travel and has been released back into the custody of Cloning Lab 1. 

Dr. Stein has been designated a red level security risk, both from his knowledge of the Time Sheep Project and his previous security violation. Per your recommendation we mind-wiped him, and placed him in indefinite cryostasis. 

Debbie the Time Sheep has been retired to our special containment paddock and is doing well on a diet of raw beef and silage.

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