Drabble Wednesday: Disposal

I remembered to post this week! Here are two more entries in the Time Sheep story for The Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratory Saga. Enjoy.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

No More Ninjas

A panicked Dr Stein screeched, “The sheep killed the ninjas! And now she’s eating them!”  He doubled over and retched as Debbie munched off a face.

Tracy shrugged. “They did try to kill her first.” Then she glanced over at the gagging Dr. Stein. “Hey, don’t lose your lunch. The sheep did us a favour. We didn’t need ninjas following us through the time stream.”

He whined, “Yes, but she’s—she’s eating them.”

“She’s getting rid of the evidence. Besides we have bigger problems.” She nodded at the third body. “What are we going to do with an unconscious Charles Dickens?”

Author Problems

“We have Charles Dickens in a wheelbarrow, plus a sheep, and no one is paying us any mind! What is wrong with people?” Dr. Stein cast Debbie a sideways glance as she licked blood off her wool.

“Shut up and push faster. We need to dump the author at the nearest police station before we jump again. I’m not lugging this guy around the time stream!” 

“Oh my, I hadn’t thought of that! We must dispose of Dickens, post haste. We could alter history!” Stein spirited down the street, the unconscious form of the hapless author bouncing in the wheelbarrow.

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