Drabble Wednesday: A Dramatic Return

The next entries in the Time Sheep Apocalypse saga. Enjoy.

Copyrighted photo AI generated with Adobe Firefly and edited in Photoshop. Not for commercial use.

The Return of the Doctor (No, Not That One)

Jimmy curled against the wall, whimpering as the stranger emerged from the darkness. Debbie bounded forward and butted his leg.
“You remember me.” Dr. Stein smiled. “We had quite the adventure last time, didn’t we?” He looked at Jimmy. “I suppose you’re wondering how I got out of cryostasis and—”
“Who the heck are you? What are you babbling about?”
“Oh, yes. Quite. We haven’t met. All this time travelling gets a fellow confused. I am Dr. Stein, one-time villain turned valiant hero trying to prevent your unfortunate apocalypse.”
“Um, okay.”
“Wonderful. Come with me if you want to survive.”

To the Monkey Lab

“It all began at this point in time,” Dr. Stein monologued as the trio walked down a dimly lit underground tunnel. “This is the crucial day where the Twelve Monkeys began and the creation of the first chicken warrior took place.” Stein shuddered. “So many twisted experiments followed…” Stein glanced at a morose Jimmy. “That’s how you got the feral bands of chickens. They were a failed experiment.”
Jimmy scowled. “We all know that. It’s History 101. Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories destroyed the world.”
“Oh, no. It wasn’t them. It was PrimalCorp.”
“What? That’s impossible, everyone knows—”
“Shhh. We’re here.”

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Monkey Truth

“The PrimalCorp Lab is right above us. This is where we fix the future.”
“No, no. This wrong. It was Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories!” Jimmy tried to back away, but bumped up against Debbie.
“Oh, stop your whining,” Dr Stein snapped. “PrimalCorp are the villains in this story. They stole enhanced DNA samples from the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories chimps and crossed them with human DNA and dinosaur DNA. They’re the ones that created the Twelve Monkey abominations.” Stein sighed. “The lab is empty, so all we have to do is sneak in and steal the DNA sample.”
Debbie bleated.

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