Drabble Wednesday: A Twist

The ongoing Saga of the Time Sheep continues with three more drabbles…

This photo was AI-Generated with Adobe Firefly and edited with Photoshop. Not for commercial use.

Into the Unknown…Lab

It’s a difficult thing to sneak two men and a sheep into a secure laboratory facility, even in the dead of night. Both nerves and bladders were hard-pressed to stay in check. At least with the men. Debbie didn’t seem phased at all. When they arrived at the correct lab. Jimmy turned to Dr. Stein.
“Where should we start looking?”
“The samples should be in that freezer.”
Jimmy opened the door, “Yes, here they are. I think.”
“That’s them, Jimmy, I didn’t lie. But you shouldn’t have trusted me.” Dr. Stein laughed. “It’s a trap! I’m working for PrimalCorp.”

Beware What Truths Are Told

Dr. Stein laughed at the shock on Jimmy’s face, before his laughter choked with Debbie’s menacing growl, who bared her teeth. Stein backed away. “It’s that damn sheep. We need to rid ourselves of her menace so we can keep trying!”
“Trying?” Now Jimmy was confused.
“To perfect the Twelve Chimps Program. Your future was one of many that went wrong. We want—”
A familiar blue glow filled the room before Debbie and Jimmy disappeared.
Dr. Stein screamed. “The samples! That damn sheep took them! She knew!”
“Not all the samples.” A scientist stepped from the shadows holding a container…

Returning To The Future

Meanwhile, back in the future…
Debbie and Jimmy landed back in the same alley where they left, but everything had changed. No longer were the streets grungy and empty of life. Everythings was pristine and ordered, chrome and steel shining in the sun. Robots and vehicles whirred by the alley, and the crowds of people, all seemed headed somewhere.
Jimmy sat down, dumbfounded, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. “What happened?”
Debbie headbutted his shoulder and he petted her for comfort.
A flashing sign and a loud disembodied voice caught their attention.
“All Hail Our Benevolent Twelve Chimps!”

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