Drabble Wednesday: The Time Sheep is the Chosen One?

Three more entries in Time Sheep Apocalypse. Enjoy.

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Don’t Be the Chosen One

A group of astonished people stared at a pile of scattered feathers and a contented sheep licking blood from her wool.
“She ate the chicken.” A voice echoed out from beyond the crowd.
Jimmy smirked. “She is the Chosen One, the Time Sheep. She will save us from the Twelve Monkeys and their chickens!”
“She is an Abomination!” The leader roared, “Cast out the Time Sheep and her acolyte!”
The crowd swarmed Debbie and Jimmy, dragging them to the door, as the sheep snapped at flailing limbs and fingers. But in the end, they tossed the pair into the streets…

Hide From The Chickens

“Come on,” Jimmy hissed. “We need to hide.”
He ran into an alley, Debbie loping at his heels, and they squeezed behind a rusted dumpster.
“What are we going to do? We can’t stay in the open. Not with the roaming bands of feral chickens and the—”
Voices cut off Jimmy’s whispers, and two people wandered into the alley. Resistance fighters.
“The Hunter Chickens nearly spotted us. Almost screwed up the mission. I swear there are more of the fowl fiends every day.”
“Yeah. We’d better hurry and get back. Report in.”
Jimmy relaxed as they passed.
Then Debbie bleated.

Back to the Origin

“What was that?”
“It came from behind the dumpster! Spies!”
They dragged Jimmy and Debbie from their hiding place.
“He’s with an Animal! Collaborator!”
“No wait, you don’t understand!” Jimmy threw up his hands to ward off an attack, but Debbie growled. Then she glowed blue and she and Jimmy vanished from the alley.
Jimmy opened his eyes. Cold and darkness surrounded him and he heard the drip, drip of water. Debbie butted his shoulder with her head.
“Where are we?”
“Back at the beginning.”
Jimmy screamed. The deep voice from the darkness chuckled.
“It’s about time you got here.”

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