Drabble Wednesday: Doctor Quakenboss

The Zombie Cow Saga continues…

The End of Doctor Quakenboss?

“How could you!” Frankie wailed. “Oh, Doctor Quakenboss!” Frankie glared at me before staring at the smoking hunk of virtual beef. The simulated smell made me hungry. Behind Frankie the remaining, now docile, zombie cows mooed sadly.
“It was me or the cow!” I snapped, guilt making me testy. “Besides, it was an accident. He was charging, I got flustered and crossed the wiring trying to fix the programming.”
Frankie glowered. “Likely story. You always hated Doctor Quakenboss.”
“I never…” I stopped and sighed. No use arguing. “Maybe his program is still intact.”
Frankie suddenly grinned. “We can rebuild him….”

The Sixty Dollar Cow

“Hand me the quantum spanner.”
“The what?” I stared at Frankie.
“The doohickey that splices wires.”
I rolled my eyes and handed him the tool. “Next you’ll be asking for some ultrasonic screwdriver.” At Frankie’s eager look, I added. “Just fix the programming so we can reboot the cow.”
“Aye, aye, Captain!” He jiggered components in the panel, grunting and wheezing until he was satisfied, finally declaring “It’s done!”
I turned to see a restored cow.
“Well, I say, it’s jolly good to be back.”
“Did that cow just talk?”
Frankie grinned. “Doctor Quakenboss is alive! He’s alive!”
I sighed.

Doctor Quackenboss Speaks

“Everything is fixed? We’re back to the five original cows?”
“Yes. Next time don’t hit the Xerox button when you’re turning vegetarian zombie cows into meat-eaters.”
Ignoring Frankie’s gibe, I asked, “So we only have to deal with him?” I glanced at Doctor Quackenboss.
The cow swished his tail. “While your consternation over my increased cognitive intelligence is understandable, it is hardly cause for concern. It is not as if I harbour schemes for world domination.”
The cow smiled and a light seemed to glint in his eyes.
I blinked. He couldn’t actually be… Nah, he’s just a virtual cow.

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