Drabble Wednesday: Invasion?

The conclusion to the weird and wonderful Zombie Cows saga. The Rise of the King I saw the wings first: red, bat-like. They unfurled to reveal…“A monkey?” Frankie’s voice disrupted the tension. “Wearing a crown?”The creature crept forward on all fours before rising on two legs to its full height. I shivered. Memory fragments flashed... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: The Plan

Returning to zombie cows and Doctor Quackenboss... Resistance is Essential “We must save Doctor Quakenboss.”The cows, Jake, Winston, Arabella, and Fred, walked out of the shadows and I shrieked.“Don't be afraid, we mean you no harm.”“Yeah, right.” I backed away. “Wait. You can talk too?”“Our speech is a side effect of the virus that has... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Doctor Quakenboss

The Zombie Cow Saga continues... The End of Doctor Quakenboss? “How could you!” Frankie wailed. “Oh, Doctor Quakenboss!” Frankie glared at me before staring at the smoking hunk of virtual beef. The simulated smell made me hungry. Behind Frankie the remaining, now docile, zombie cows mooed sadly.“It was me or the cow!” I snapped, guilt... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Zombie Cows

Welcome to Drabble Wednesday for this week as we begin the Zombie Cows Saga... Zombie Cows “Do you think they would eat human brains?”“What?” I looked up from the program code I was fixing and stared at Frankie.“The Zombie Cows. Do you think they would eat human brains? Or the brains of other cows?”I continued... Continue Reading →

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