Drabble Wednesday: Zombie Cows

Welcome to Drabble Wednesday for this week as we begin the Zombie Cows Saga…

Zombie Cows

“Do you think they would eat human brains?”
“What?” I looked up from the program code I was fixing and stared at Frankie.
“The Zombie Cows. Do you think they would eat human brains? Or the brains of other cows?”
I continued to stare. “What have you done?”
“I added Zombie Cows to the graveyard scene like you asked.”
“I asked for crows, not cows, and not zombie!”
“Oh, well.” He shrugged, while I tried not to hyperventilate. “I named them.”
“Who?” I asked cautiously, confused.
“The zombie cows.” He smiled. “Jake, Winston, Arabella, Fred, and Doctor Quakenboss.”

Dead Flowers and Cows

“Frankie!” I screamed loud enough to wake the dead, staring at the destruction. He hurried to where I stood. “Look at this! They ate the dead roses! All of them!” I waved my hand over the chewed remains of my virtually decayed floral masterpiece.
“Who?” Frankie’s eyes went wide as he observed the munched on mess.
“Your Zombie Cows!” I ground my teeth in frustration.
“Oh, that explains it.” Frankie nodded his head and looked at me with a smile on his face.
I resisted the urge to slap him. “Explains what?”
“Why they went for the flowers. They’re vegetarians.”

Revenge of the Cows

“Why did you change the programming?” Frankie hissed as we hunkered behind virtual headstones.
I ducked my head. “It’s not my fault. I wanted to stop them from eating my roses.”
“Look what happened. My poor vegetarian cows are trying to eat our brains.” Frankie glared, his expression scaring me more than the zombie cows. “And they’ve multiplied.”
“If we can reach the terminal I can shut them down,” I whispered, with more of a whine than I liked.
Frankie peeped out. “There are thirty cows after us. Want to make a run for it?” He glared again.
I shivered.

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