Drabble Wednesday: Apocolypse Cow

More Zombie Cow Saga.

Rise of the Cow

“That cow keeps acting funny,” I muttered, eyeing Doctor Quackenboss. “Like he knows something we don’t.”
“Huh?” Frankie looked up from the vid panel. For two days the system had been glitching and we couldn’t find the problem.
“Look at him, mumbling over there. The other cows are grazing, but he’s scheming.”
“Probably just composing another poem. Stop being paranoid.”
“And that’s another thing. His poems. They’re just weird.”
“Not as weird as this glitch. It’s almost as if the system is reprogramming itself.”
“What?” I glanced at Frankie and then back at the cow.
Doctor Quackenboss smirked at me.

The Dawn of the Cow

The images around us flickered, changing from the peaceful meadow into a gritty city.
I turned to Frankie, who was still working at the panel. “What’s going on? Is the glitch getting worse?”
Frankie put down his tools and stood. “Um, yes. We kind of don’t have command of the system anymore.”
Then I heard Doctor Quackenboss chuckle.
“I now control the transmission. I control the vertical. I control the horizontal. I can create a thousand realities or expand into one single vision. The virtual world is mine!”
As the cow broke out into chilling maniacal laughter, we ran.


The sky swirled in burnt grey, a haze of virtual smoke from the fires of apocalypse. We were on the run from zombie cows and other creatures, all out for blood.
“How did he access the ghouls? I deleted that program.” Frankie whispered as we hid in a virtual alley, safe for now.
“How should I know?” I glared. “I told you that cow was up to something.”
“I can’t believe it. Not Doctor Quakenboss. He was the best of us.”
I glared again. “He isn’t the same cow. He’s changed.”
“No, he’s—”
We froze, a shadow creeping towards us…

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