National Poetry Month Day 10: Ashes in the Sky

A short pantoum poem today from the prompt Ashes in the Sky. Photo by Damir Mijailovic on Ashes in the Sky Glorious dreams soar highFragmenting blackLike cinder ashes in the skyFalling as flack Fragmenting blackInspired pieces descendingFalling as flackRaining debris never-ending Inspired pieces descendingLike cinder ashes in the skyRaining debris never-endingGlorious dreams soar high

National Poetry Month: Fractured Vision

Fractured Vision Predict sound bytes, troglodytes, new age, that alternate spin Hunkered down against parasites may the unaware world begin New age, that alternate spin disregard inconvenient veracity May the unaware world begin on the coattails of hapless audacity Disregard inconvenient veracity, hunkered down against parasites On the coattails of hapless audacity predict sound bytes,... Continue Reading →

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