Day 13 – National Poetry Month: Dark and Deadly Sins (and a Book)

On Day 13, I bring you a tanka horror poem from the prompt, Dark and Deadly Sins, but also a look at my newly released poetry book, Roses and Ashes. Enjoy.

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Dark and Deadly Sins

Burrowing inside
secrets swirling, festering
Alone with your thoughts
You smile, remembering them
and the dark pools of their blood

©2022 A. F. Stewart

In her latest book of poetry, A. F. Stewart delves into the societal issues women face, giving a stark look at the gender divide between the sexes. A personal view of being a female in today’s world, dealing with toxic stereotypes, and how women are viewed in a certain light.
The poems are individual observations of societal influence and outmoded attitudes and how they have molded the thinking of all genders in the wrong direction. They deal with such topics as domestic violence, sexual assault, and toxic relationships, as well as emotional damage and female expression.

Open the pages and explore the world of Roses and Ashes.

Trigger warnings: sexual harassment and sexual assault, domestic violence, depression, and abuse.

Here’s an excerpt (so you know what to expect).

Magazine Curves

Sexual freedom
or sexualized?
through the male gaze,
shaped by male fantasy
is not autonomy or liberation
It is shifting

They never read it for the articles

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