#OctoberFrights – Day 4: Drabble Wednesday

Today I have the October Frights edition of Drabble Wednesday, with some spooky tales. Be sure to leave the lights on and enjoy….

Dark Sonata of the Moon

Glistening moonlight wrapped in the shadow of night. Calm water reflecting the hushed scene of tranquil illusion. Not a trace of wind nor breath of air, not a ripple on the lake. Time itself had stilled in anticipation, or fear.

Energy reverberated from beneath earth and silt, a stirring of eldritch things disregarded, creatures thought long dead and vanquished. Veins of ash snaked outward and upward, transforming verdant trees into living pillars black as pitch, their leaves turning crisp and sharp. The lake boiled and steam hissed, spurting hot spray ascendant, as the monsters rose from the depths of hell.

Beware the Witching Hour

A sour smell drifted on the night breeze, gracing the midnight hour and the full moon in the blackened sky. An open shutter creaked in time with sleeping breath, attracting the attention of something… uninvited.

Mist slithered through the open window, hovering over the slumbering child before morphing into its true form and settling onto the boy’s chest. The Night Hag cackled, scraping its claws against its victim’s cheek. He moaned, expelling breath, and the Hag inhaled, drawing life from the child. Terror froze the boy’s bones, and the Hag feasted, leaving nothing but a corpse to greet the sun.


Peck, peck, peck.

The crow poked its beak against the head of the limp form hung from the crossed stakes. Dressed in tattered clothes and suspended by its wrists, the makeshift scarecrow dangled from the posts placed at the edge of the cornfield. Overhead, the sunset scattered orange light across the harvested ground.

Rap, rap, rap.

The bird’s beak struck something hard as it pulled at the squishy outer coating. It hopped to the shoulder and waddled down the arm. The beak snatched an eyeball from the corpse’s skull, feasting, and then another. Tasty morsels to feed its hungry belly.

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