#OctoberFrights – Day 3: Ghosts of Yesteryear

Welcome to day 3 of October Frights where I have some ghoulish delights in the from of flash fiction dealing with ghostly hauntings.

Ghosts of Fae

Light rain settled into the mist, drumming a gentle rhythm in the puddles forming on the dirt road. The narrow rutted lane, overgrown and not frequented by many, ran through a scrub woodland before ending rather abruptly at the edge of the fens. Once, it had been a way to transport reeds, or used as a hunting track, but now it stretched and wound among tangled fauna, forgotten, lost in the echo of a past buried under modern sensibilities.

Until twilight on certain nights, within the warm light against the cold edge, when the veil between worlds shimmered and shifted subtly, letting a hint of the elder magic into the human realm. That’s when the old ghosts roamed the fens and forest, when the whispers of yesteryear resurfaced with shreds of ancient power, searching to reclaim their own. Anyone with sense stayed far away from the fenlands on those nights, safe behind closed doors guarded by locks made of iron laced steel. Too many foolish souls had vanished beyond the woods, their bones forever lost in the marshes.

Winter Ghosts

Tell me your name…

The dulcet whisper wafted on the breeze from beyond the frozen trees; branches rattled their ice in its wake. Crows swooped overhead in the grey sky, their harsh caws startling Evan nearly as much as the strange voice. He kept walking down the trail, his boots crunching against the frosted earth.

Tell me your name…

The trees rattled again, the sound like bones shaking in their grave. The snow swirled in puffs from the ground and the icy snap of the wind nipped at Evan’s face. But he didn’t turn around, never answered the disembodied murmur. He just kept moving, until a shadow crossed his path.

Tell me your name…

The apparition stood in his way. The women in black, pale and gaunt, eyes dripping blood. Evan shivered, knowing he had tarried too long in the woods. He knew he was lost.

Tell me your name…

The words spilled from his lips as the ghost smiled and the night enveloped the forest. Not a soul heard Evan scream…

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