#OctoberFrights – Day 5: Dark Poetry

Today, we celebrate dark poetry, with a spotlight on my new poetry book and a few poem excerpts from the collection. Enjoy.

Poetry of Monsters and Madness

From the darkness and the shadows
From the lunacy and the void
The words flow on moonlight and mayhem, slithering tentacles along the night. Follow the siren song of myth and monstrosity, the shrieking call of creatures wild and terrifying. Wander down the mind’s mania as it leads you past reality into disturbing delusion.

Come read the Poetry of Monsters and Madness.



In the lasting hour
of the Evermore,
in the creeping silence
of the dark wing raven,
the blind eyes see

The rivers flow in circles,
forgotten in the night
in the never-ending hour
of the hollow heart

Near the edges of forever
the sky cracks azure pale
blossoming breath of endless

The breeze blows roving time
and mislaid notes of sorrow

In the hour of Evermore

The Hessian

When the swirl of autumn leaves
stirs the dank smell of loam and dirt
and the bright moon shimmers through
the shadow of bare-boned oaken trees

When the witching hour whispers
to the prowling echoes of the dead
and that reverberation of hoofbeats
thunders down the lonesome road

He rides on the graveyard dust
and a fire-eyed black stallion
He rides on the wind of the devil,
the Headless Horseman rides tonight…

The Madness of Being

with a thousand voices
reverberations of their apathy,
pinpricks inside your purview
of existential insanity
Gods of the Void
are calling

cascading shards of sound
glass falling into psychosis
against the swallowing sea
of forgotten secrets
Gods of the Void
are waiting

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