Once Upon a Winter: Part Three

And the conclusion to this holiday horror story.



Once Upon a Winter: Part Three


In the stillness of the darkest night, under the moon, the barren earth stands as a testament, a perpetual warning. Where once a village thrived years past, now the dirt lies fallow, no grass nor plant nor tree grows upon the place the humans lived. Around it grows thick forest, with birds and animals and underbrush, but people rarely venture near. It became a place best avoided, talked about in only hushed tones when telling of strange tales and legends.

For—if one were to creep close enough and stand ever so still in the quiet—when the midnight meets the moon you can hear the echo of voices. And if eyes looked, they would see figures moving in the flickering light. Wandering aimless wisps of what was, the doomed souls remaining there, caught in the forever of their sins and one eternal curse.

And if you do ever find yourself there, in that wretched place, never fail to say a blessing to the creatures that rule the natural world. Lest their warning and their vengeance seek you out…


You can find the rest of the story here:

Once Upon a Winter: Part One

Once Upon a Winter: Part Two

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