Once Upon a Winter: Part Two

The second installment of the three-part horror story.




Once Upon a Winter


He stood at the edge of the village. Most of the houses were dark but light still flickered in a few. He smiled. It would not matter soon. Awake or asleep, retribution would come to all.

He knelt in the snow, placing a hand on the frozen ground. He felt the pain of the earth from the human incursion, how they cut into it without blessing or asking forgiveness, how they spilled their filth and ash carelessly into the soil.

He curled his lip in a snarl and whispered, “Foul creatures.  No respect. They deserve their fate.”

He closed his eyes and deepened his connection with the earth. This gift, his magic, was the reason he was chosen for this task.


He felt the line of energy running under the village, the one the humans tainted with their muck and insolence. He felt the pain and anger, and the joy at the release he offered. One nudge would be all he needed.

He sent his power into the terrain, deep down into the bedrock and watched the village sizzle with an eruption of magic. The ground rumbled and heaved, cracked and split as it rose up to swallow the village and everything that was human.

He smiled as he watched the destruction, the human screams music to his ears…


For the first part of the story go here:  Once Upon a Winter: Part One

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