Day 17 – National Poetry Month: Grey Bones

Today's poem is an attempt at a Terzanelle from the prompt, Grey Bones. Enjoy. Photo by Pixabay on Grey Bones Comes a shadow of winter’s endwhen the night wind blows coldComes a shadow of winter’s endFrom the hoary lichen and mold,the dead moan a sweet refrainwhen the night wind blows coldIn falling snow and... Continue Reading →

Drabble Wednesday: Changing Seasons

After a bit of a break due to various reasons, Drabble Wednesday is back with three new tales that tell a strange dark story... Summer Sacrifice The scorching sun beat down upon the village, dispersing the cold shadow of the mountain of the gods. Seasonal heat warmed away any chill, and a breeze played the... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Winter: Part Three

And the conclusion to this holiday horror story.   Once Upon a Winter: Part Three   In the stillness of the darkest night, under the moon, the barren earth stands as a testament, a perpetual warning. Where once a village thrived years past, now the dirt lies fallow, no grass nor plant nor tree grows... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Winter: Part Two

The second installment of the three-part horror story.     Once Upon a Winter   He stood at the edge of the village. Most of the houses were dark but light still flickered in a few. He smiled. It would not matter soon. Awake or asleep, retribution would come to all. He knelt in the... Continue Reading →

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