Introducing the OWSCyCon

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About this time of year, I’d usually be talking about the B2BCyCon, however…

The Brain2Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo has, unfortunately, closed its doors. Due to personal issues, the B2BCyCon founder could not continue, but in the final hour, both author Timothy Bateson and the amazing gang at Our Write Side rode up on a white horse and rescued the convention.

So it is now the OWSCyCon.

OWSCyCon Graphic

Much of this online book convention will remain the same, with cover wars, panels, character battles and other events being planned and coordinated by genre managers. And I’m still managing the horror and thriller genres as I did last year with B2BCyCon.

2019-OWSCyCon HorrorThriller 1024x512

There are changes, though. The dates of the book convention are now May 17th-19th. and we have a new website:
We also have a forum on the website so authors can set up their own little corners under their genres.

Spooky Blue


What can OWSCyCon offer authors?

Opportunities to get your book seen by readers. (Plus its free, how can you say no to that?)

Activities and events abound, including video panel discussions, cover wars, character battles, blog tours, story time readings, and more…

The convention is organized by genre, with managers for each genre to guide you through the process.  Our categories are Fantasy, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, Horror/Thriller (that’s the one I’m in charge of), Romance, Sci-Fi, Historical, Mystery/Suspense, and Other.

Authors, can check out this page for info and to sign up to participate:


What’s in it for readers?

In a word: Books

Lot and lots of books. Plus we have games and contests and things to vote on. You can basically wander through an online book display, discover cool details, and chat with the authors of those books.

So readers, check out our overview and mark the date. Or join our mailing list. You can find it here:


Instagram OWSCyCon


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