Drabble Wednesday: Too Good To Be True

Three more drabbles about deals gone wrong.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Bad Deal

Waiting to die.
Or worse. Waiting for immortality.
Now I am caught between the drudgery of existence and the looming spectre of my mortality. I thought I knew better than the revered scholars. Thought I was clever.
A small tip. When the ancient texts warn you not to make a deal with the Old Gods, pay attention.
I wanted to live forever. Stupid, but I wagered my life on it. If the gods find me worthy I live forever, if not, an afterlife of servitude. Trouble is, I forgot to ask for eternal youth.
Even if I win, I lose.

Chosen of the Gods

I stood on the dais, ready.
The three priests chanted the ritual and opened the pathway to the Outer Domains. I looked up, the divine light, beckoning me toward the realm of divinity.
Ascending into the golden luminance, I floated in the gossamer ethereal to join the gods. I was the latest anointed chosen and my journey would bless the people and the kingdom. Warmth enveloped me and I heard soft voices whispering, “Greetings my child. Your sacrifice is accepted.”
Only then I understood, but it was too late.
The sharp teeth of the gods devoured me.
And I screamed.

New Beginning

Where am I?
It’s dark. I can’t see much, but it’s warm.
I wiggle my fingers and toes, but everything feels odd. Fat and small. What the hell happened? I remember making that wish and being whisked away.
Wait… there was a god? Yes. I wished… a do-over. That’s right. I wanted to go back and fix my life.
What did he do to me?
A noise. Suddenly there’s light and I’m rising.
“How’s Mama’s little boy today? Aren’t you a sweet baby?”
Wait a minute. I’m a baby?
Oh, so this is what that god meant by starting over.

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