Drabble Wednesday: One Woman, Three Stories

Today’s three drabbles are all based on the picture below. Three different interpretations of the same theme. Enjoy.

This image is AI-generated and courtesy of Pixabay


Empires are built on sacrifice.

The motto emblazoned over the throne room door, etched into the bulkhead metal of the Royal Starship by her ancestors on the day they took to the stars. Originally, it meant the sacrifice of home, of leaving a war-torn planet to build something better.

Rennly knew the true meaning.

Sacrifice was not for the Imperial Family. It was for the citizens and enemies, giving their lives, their blood to further the ambitions of the Empire. As it had during her father’s reign, and her grandfather’s. Now it was Rennly’s time.

She would surpass them all.


The doors closed behind Saia with a clang, the echo of their grandeur reverberating across the empty temple. No one questioned her coming; no one dared challenge the High Priestess. If they knew her intent, perhaps they might have tried. Or perhaps, they would have still believed her the will of the Divine Goddess.

But Saia had lost her faith, belief drowned in the blood of her family sacrificed to the Holy War.

Now she would end that war.

Snatching the Jewel of the Divine from the altar she smashed it to pieces on the stone floor.

Her world shattered.



They thought their wards would keep me out.

Arcene smiled. She stood inside their impenetrable vault, all their magical secrets at her fingertips. But she was only here for one thing. She walked over to the wooden box tucked into a marble niche and opened the lid.

Valken’s Scythe.

With the weapon, no one could stand against her, forbid her power, destroy her dreams, or tell her she wasn’t good enough. She would never be invisible again.

As long as she fed the God of Death the souls she reaped.

Arcene whispered a prayer and picked up the scythe.

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