Drabble Wednesday: Eternal Reckoning

Took a bit of a break from things, but the drabbles are back this week with three stories about eternity and loss.

Photo by Mu00e9gane SSu on Pexels.com

The Lonely Castle

On a rocky rise, at the farthest border of a bleak wasteland, a crumbling castle reached towards a grey, washed-out sky. Perched above the edge of a dying world, it refused to fall into complete ruin, clinging to what life remained within its walls.
One solitary being, puttering from room to room, emaciated, grey and gaunt, but alive. Not one of the nearly extinct human race, not for centuries, but something eternal and dark. His sustenance dies with the world, but his life continues. Perhaps one day he will wither into a dried husk and death will finally claim him.

The Scribe

Moonlight flitted through the narrow window, in the high tower room. Candles burned on the walls and the table beside the slanted desk; their wax melting over sconces and wispy smoke filling the room in a burning scent. The only sounds were the scratching of his pen on paper and the faint rattle of the open shutters in the wind.
Ink-stained fingers held the quill in a practiced grip, eyes strained in the dim light to see the words, but he did not stop. He would not stop until his last breath. His kingdom’s fall would be recorded for eternity.

Left Behind

Eternity was lonely.
She knew this, her eons of memories cold comfort as she sat in the dark, alone again. Another lover abandoned, or did this one abandon her? It all blurred into pain now; it did not matter the cause.
Nothing held her attention long. She had seen it all, done so much. Everything repeated itself in tedious patterns. Shiny bobbles to distract momentarily, before fading into familiarity. No one understood. How could they? Immortality was their dream, one chased relentlessly through fame, legacy and family.
How could she tell them it all turned to ashes in the end?

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