Drabble Wednesday: Frankie and Joni’s Spooky Season

Frankie and Joni return with some Halloween fun.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

What’s in a Name?

I was glad to be back after braving the pumpkin spice fanatics at the local coffee shop for some morning caffeine and snacks. Frankie was not at his desk, so I wandered to the Halloween Slasher exhibit, only to stare at the strangest site.
“Why does the guy with a chainsaw have a tornado for a head?”
“Well, I couldn’t find any images for him and it seemed like the best way to represent a killer named Weatherface.”
I sighed. “His name is Leatherface, Frankie.” Now I was grateful for the extra large coffee. It would be a long day.

Dance Craze?

“How are you coming with the Halloween party scene? Any problems?”
“Nah. Everything’s almost done. I only have to program the last of the potatoes for the ending.”
With a sinking feeling, I asked, “Potatoes?”
“You know, the musical number to finish the night. The Monster Mash. All the creatures are ready for a swinging chorus line with their mashers and the bowls of cooked spuds. Only the last few to go.”
He looked so happy, I couldn’t tell him the Monster Mash didn’t involve root vegetables. Besides, what could go wrong with monsters making mashed potatoes? Could be fun.

Food Fight

The electro-cleaner zapped the last of the food residue from the wall and I sighed.
“What a party.”
“I’m sorry. But how was I to know Dracula would spike the punch?”
I turned, surprised at Frankie’s apology.
“Don’t be sorry. It was fun.” I smiled. “I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.”
“You’re not mad?”
“Nah. Cleaning the mess was a pain, but everything’s okay. No parties for a while though. It took me two hours to get all the pumpkin spice mashed potatoes out of my hair, and you don’t want to know where I found a fake eyeball.”

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