Drabble Wednesday: Three Tales for Halloween

Welcome again to Drabble Wednesday, this time for the spooky Halloween edition. Come join our host as he greets a guest and tells a story…

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

Tale of Loss

“Come in. Come in. Sit by the fire, warm yourself. Such horrid weather, and you look chilled to the bone.” The tall, thin host stared at his unexpected guest. “Don’t know how you got here, you say. That’s often the case.”

The guest fell silent for an hour, but then…

“What’s that? You want to leave? Oh, no, you can’t depart. At least, not again. You’re dead, you see. Already the dearly departed.” He chuckled. “One of our guests for eternity, but at least the sheets are clean.” He inhaled sharply. “Oh my, you look as pale as a ghost.”

Image by Bany_MM from Pixabay

Tale of Madness

“Buck up, good sir. You may be dead, but at least you are not her.” The host shivered, despite his proximity to the fire. “Such a tragic tale. A beautiful girl in life, but her promise cut short. She came here about this time last year, with a broken heart and a story of betrayal.” He shook his head. “Murdered by her husband and the betrayal of it all drove her mad. Poor Delia wanders these old halls searching for him, vowing revenge.” The host paused, tilting his head. “Did I say something to upset you? You look positively ill.”

Image by SzaboJanos from Pixabay

A Tale of Fate

The host’s hand tapped on his chair as he glimpsed a moving shadow. “I expect it’s the sorrowful fate of dear Delia that distresses you, and your own. I’d wager you thought you’d have more time to spend your ill-gotten gains.” The host turned his head. “What do you think, Delia?”

A figure crept from the shadows, pointing at the guest. “Murderer!”

The guest cringed, terror etched in every crevice of his soul. 

The host rose. “Well then, I’ll leave you two to get reacquainted.” He smiled as he left, chuckling at the sounds of her snarls and his screams.

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay

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