Drabble Wednesday: After Worldfall

Three more drabbles this week, and I’m thinking of expanding the idea into a new drabble series. I’d love your feedback on whether you’d like to see more of these stories.

The Future World

3212 AW (After Worldfall)

The Past Civilization Museum

“Welcome, children, to the 2021 BW (Before Worldfall) exhibit. You are now entering the Hall of Gods. This is our newest display: LOL Cats. Our archaeologists surmise that LOL was a god of merriment and worshiped by many. Cats seem to be especially sacred to LOL.”

Pre-teen children stare at the wavering image of a jumping cat and then the tour group moves on.

“To the right, view the  god of sticks, Harry Potter, and here we see the partially constructed image of one of their most venerable and wise gods, Gandalf.”

Next Exhibit

3212 AW (After Worldfall)

The Past Civilization Museum

“Well children, here’s the Zon exhibit, one of ancient civilization’s biggest temples, home of the strange commerce god, Algorithm; a mercurial god, with an ever-changing worship system. Both the  temple and god are a source of debate among scholars. This is the temple’s symbol.”

A visual display of a faded black and yellow “A” spins on the screen.

“Another great temple was dedicated to the god of Chaos, Zuck, but its name was lost in the great cataclysm. However, we’ve recovered its emblem.”

A glowing blue and white “F” appeared on screen.


3212 AW (After Worldfall)

The Past Civilization Museum

“As you noticed in the last exhibit, the Before Worldfall civilization communicated with symbology in its worship. In fact, they had an extensive language of hieroglyphics; one of the main images being the round, yellow, smiling man.”

An unnerving picture of a sickly grinning circle popped up on the screen, and the children shrieked.

“Apparently this creature was used to denote feelings and was used to depict various emotions. It was also used quite often in the worship of LOL, and some surmise the yellow man may have been a lesser deity.”

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