Drabble Wednesday: Penguin Apocolypse Rising

Today we return to the Virtual Adventures of Frankie and Joni, with the start of a new story, The Zombie Penguin Apocalypse (inspired by Joshua Pantalleresco). It is the sequel to the Zombie Cows saga, with the return of everyone’s favouite, Dr. Quackenboss (and the rest of the cows too). Enjoy.

Programs, Penguins, and Zombies

“This is so cool!”

I sighed at Frankie. “Glad you like it. I don’t see the interest in this old cartoon. It’s just some relic inspired from a reference in an obscure story. Why they want to recreate it in VR, I don’t understand.”

“Are you kidding? The Weather Warriors was the best! And this virtual reality program is based on the greatest episode. The Night of the Zombie Penguins.”

“What?” I glared at Frankie. “You promised. No more zombies!”

“Relax, there’s nothing to worry about. The Thunder Penguin defeated the zombies and prevented the apocalypse.”

“Okay, that’s—wait. An apocalypse?”

The Missing

“I don’t understand it.” Frankie frowned. “ The Ninja Frost Bear is gone. Like poof, disappeared.”

“The ninja whatsis? Disappeared? What are you rambling about?”

“Something’s off with the new program. One of the characters Is missing.”

“What new program?” Then it clicked, and I hissed, “Not the zombie apocalypse one? You promised me no glitches!”

“Um, well, sorry, there is one. I think. Maybe. Not sure exactly. It looks like something happened but—”

The facility intercom suddenly crackled. “I say old chaps, why is there a funny-dressed polar bear in our meadow?”

I gaped at Frankie. “Wasn’t that…?”

“Dr. Quackenboss!”

The Cows Meet a Bear

Frankie and I stared. Five cows surrounded an upright polar bear in the ninja costume. The bear brandished a katana. 

She snarled, “What have you done? When the Thunder Penguin hears of my abduction you will rue the day you crossed paths with the Weather Warriors.”

“Calm down,” Doctor Quackenboss rebuked. “There is no need for fisticuffs. Let us discuss this over tea.”

“Tea! This is not the time for tea!”

All five cows gasped, almost drowning out the hiss from the left. A figure stepped out of the shadows.

Now I gasped. “Is that…?”

Frankie nodded. “A zombie penguin.”

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