#OctoberFrights Day 4: Dark Poetry with Monsters

Welcome to Day 4 and my annual October Frights Dark Poetry segment

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Shadows in the Mirror

Shifting glass
in the dark
of faces
that shouldn’t be
Mama, mama,
he cries out,
nightmares are real
it was a dream
There are no

Mama smiles

Until the morning
when the light
a missing

Within the Woods

Like reaching fingers
under moonlight
the branches wave
against the sky
They are silhouettes
with obscure secrets
hiding the horrors
deep within the forest

The lonely howl
hungry for flesh
waiting for the foolish
or the brave
It hides among
the darkened trees
on the moonlit nights
desirous to feed

What Am I?

They brand me monster
for following my nature
for living within the gloom
where they relegated me

I am Beast
I am Fiend
I am Brute

They hunt me for sport
to sate their bloodlust
whenever their cruelty
demands my penitence

Who is the beast, then?

The Court of Nightmares and Dreams

Hush now, sweet little one
and close your tired eyes
beneath the shining moon
Let the regal queen watch over you
as you slumber against
The Court of Nightmares and Dreams

Don’t cry, my little one
just close your weary eyes
below the glowing moon
The regal queen will look for you
as you wander against
The Court of Nightmares and Dreams

That’s right, sweet little one
your sleepy eyes must close
underneath the cruel moon
The regal queen, she waits for you
and forever bides against
The Court of Nightmares and Dreams

I’m sorry, my little one
your eyes will close eternally
beyond the glittering moon
The Regal Queen will claim her own
There’s no escape from
The Court of Nightmares and Dreams


The shrieking storm
over the desert heat
as the Hellspawn rise
from beneath the sand

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