#OctoberFrights Day 5: Halloween Vigil

Welcome to Day 5 of October Frights, with another flash fiction story. Enjoy.

The Halloween Vigil

“Help me, please help me.”

Jonas knew better than to answer her girlish plea for help; he still remembered what happened to Ricky that Halloween. He did glance towards the abandoned orchard. She crouched on top of the stone wall, all innocence, the picture of a sweet lost child.

His anger bubbled. “I see you! I know what you are!”

In an instant, she transformed. No longer the sweet child, her face contorted to a decayed shrivelled husk, with red glowing eyes. Her clothes became tattered and grime-encrusted, hanging from her gaunt and emaciated form. She hissed at Jonas.

He whispered back, “I see you. I won’t let you win. You’ll pay for Ricky.” 

Images flashed from his memory. The eviscerated body, his friend’s screams, the dirty, torn Halloween mask on the ground. No one believed him; many blamed him for Ricky’s death. Two teenagers who found trouble. The rumours and whispers followed him for years, but every Halloween he returned… and watched her.

As long as he watched her, she couldn’t act. 

“You’ll never hurt anyone else. Not as long as I’m here.”

She hissed, scraping her claws along the stone.

Jonas settled in, sitting under a tree. It would be another long Halloween night.

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