Drabble Wednesday: Scenes

Another week, three more drabbles…

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

The Last Dance

Rustling grass danced shadows under a harvest moon as the last of the summer breeze blew beyond the twilight. One crow flew past the fading sun; a solitary harbinger of the encroaching night, before the distant horizon swallowed its silhouette. Laughter flowed from the drifting air as spirits settled down from the aether.
Vapours shifted and coalesced, taking the shape of who they had been in life. Translucent hands touched the grass, wispy bodies spun and danced, bowing, smiling, and full of cheer. A surreal soiree of yesteryear, of what had been and lost, an echo in an autumn field…

The City Remains

Amalgams of steel and glass rose towards the sky in an engineering pinnacle of achievement, but now coated in rust and ruptures with broken panes and scratched paint. Yet they remained, while their creators perished, while the world crumbled. Vegetation crept from the sidewalk surrounding them, vines twisted towards their metal girders, but they stood unbending, if injured.
Inside, they all entombed the bones of their inhabitants, those seeking refuge only to realize there was none to be had anywhere. The end came quickly, with few left to bury the dead or even care, left within the edifices they created.

On the Mountain

Spring sunlight shone the lone tree into golden splendour, its glowing leaves alight against the mountain snow. A warm breeze softened the icy sheen and the drip, drip of water tinkled off the rocks. Leaves shivered and shimmered as a soft hum reverberated through the air and the earth’s magic awakened from its winter sleep.
Energy snaked along the bark, bursting forth in a shower of sparks against the sky, scattering over the snow, melting deep into the frozen ground. The mountain rumbled and groaned as it too awoke from slumber. The world’s cycle began again and spring’s wonders commenced.

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