Drabble Wednesdays: Beings

Drabble Wednesday is back with three more stories.

Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

A Walk in Eternity

Silver moonlight shredded the dark night, an iridescent shroud across the sand. Two figures walked across the beach, deep in conversation.
“It was beautiful here, once.” The lanky male sighed. “A stone temple on the cliff overlooking the ocean. A pristine harbour further up the shore, full of boats and bustle. Full of life.”
His companion shrugged, although her eyes showed compassion. “Everything ends.”
“Except us. Have you wondered why? Why do we watch worlds rise and fall, civilizations crumble?”
“We all have our purpose. We are Fate and Death, eternal in existence. We maintain the order in the universe.”


The villagers all knew not to stare into the storms, to keep their heads bowed against the rains. Best even to stay inside and let the fearsome clouds pass in all their titanic glory, avoiding the creatures lurking inside the storms.
Yet some foolhardy ventured a glance, often as not seeing nothing but thunderheads of charcoal grey swirling in fire, but some saw the gods, the giants that walked the air in majesty or scurried with sharp claws.
If they were lucky, only their eyes burned away, and they continued to live. The unlucky were prey for the storm walkers…

The Gifts

“I give you a gift.”
The old man smiled and held out a flower, black as pitch streak in gold, a thing of exquisite beauty. Startled, but intrigued, the woman accepted, drinking deep of the bloom’s beautiful fragrance.
“That’s right. Such a lovely aroma.”
Satisfaction flashed in the old man’s eyes, and moved on, handing out flowers to all that would have one. Soon, most of the village held a bloom and the old man left.
Not until evening did the true gift reveal itself in the screams of death. Then the old man returned, to reap his captured souls.

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