National Poetry Month – Day 20: Bears Make Me Scared

Today’s prompt was, bears make me scared, and for the form, I went with a chant poem.

Original Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

Bears Make Me Scared

Mommy says I need a friend
to take away the shivers
and make the shadows not go boo
One to end all my quivers,
but the bears make me scared

I don’t like their beady eyes
or their squishy, fuzzy fur
Not their stubby arms
or the horrors that they stir
Oh, the bears make me scared

They look so sweet,
with cutesy mushy faces
But I hear their sneaky whispers
in all the dreadful places
The bears, they make me scared

Cause, I know the hidden secret,
of those horrid teddy toys
They’re evil things, all fluff and teeth,
and they’ll eat us girls and boys
Those bears, they make me scared.

© A. F. Stewart 2020 All Rights Reserved

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