#OctoberFrights – Day One: Intro

Hello and welcome to October Frights 2021.

Yes, it is that time of year again, when all the horror writers step out of the dark shadows and offer up scary stories and goodies for you to read and enjoy. The Hop runs from October 10th-15th, and this year we have 14 participants joining in the fun, with lots of delicious dark treats, and no doubt a few tricks.

Here’s the list of blogs for 2021.



An Angell’s Life

Always Another Chapter

Angela Yuriko Smith


Frighten Me

Hawk’s Happenings

James P. McDonald

Blood Red Shadows

The Unicorn Herd

Creative Quill


Welcome to Avalon

We also have a Book Fair page this year with books written by our participants. So be sure and hop over to check out the book goodies. My own book in the Fair, Visions and Nightmares, is free on Amazon from the 10th-14th.

Book Fair

In addition, we have a giveaway going on over at Story Origin. Pop over and check out all the free books from such authors as myself, Stephanie Ayers, Michael Brent Collins, Demelza Carlton, Christopher Schmitz and many more…

October Frights Giveaway

Also today we have a panel discussion for October Frights over on youTube.

So be sure to check that out live at 11 AM EST

And now a quick overview of what to expect from me this week. Today you get the intro and a short bit of flash fiction (see below). Day 2 has me sharing some horror books you might enjoy, Day 3 another flash fiction story, Day 4 has the October Frights Edition of Drabble Wednesday, Day 5 will be a spotlight and excerpts from my new poetry book, Poetry of Monsters and Madness, and Day 6 will be an excerpt from my work-in-progress, Fairy Tales and Nightmares. So now, on with the story…

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Faerie Feast

Snuffling, sniffing, rutting through the dank dirt to escape, the tiny clawed hands of the awakened faeries dug through layers of soil, desperate to reach the surface and the human world. Too long had they been imprisoned, forced into hibernation and buried beneath the wards of the great rings. But the years had been kind to them, and the memories of the humans short, for enough of the mushrooms and the stones had been violated or destroyed.

Now the old magic weakened and the protections fractured.

Now they were free.

Under the moonlight, the earth gave up its secrets and trembled. The trees quavered and withered, their trunks mouldering and leaves crumbling. The air turned foul and stank of decay as tiny winged creatures buzzed forth from the ground in sprays of rot and soil, swarms of hungry beasts, tinier than a thumb, but teeth and claws still razor-sharp. Into the world they flew, red eyes glazed with centuries-old hunger. And in the wake of their frenzied flight followed the great cleansing of life, so the faeries might feast on the bones of the dead.

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