Drabble Wednesday: Unexpected Colour

Another Drabble Wednesday and three more stories. And be sure to join me next week for the October Frights Edition of Drabble Wednesday. Enjoy.

Image by Tomislav Jakupec from Pixabay


Cinnamon heart red lights the sky in a blaze of light, melding effortlessly with the undertones of tangerine and cerise. A gorgeous sunset, a burst of spectacular colour and wonder, that I rarely took the time to appreciate. I can smell the hint of wood smoke, and drink in the sight of the lake and the beauty of the autumn leaves. I wished I had taken more moments like this in my life.

I am glad I had this one. It will be my last sight before the end, before the burning destruction barrelling over the horizon obliterates my world.

Red Release

I felt sick the second after I pulled the trigger. But he still fell to the hardwood floor and didn’t move. I think I screamed. I know I dropped the gun. It bounced off the flooring before skidding against his arm. He didn’t stir. The only thing that shifted was the widened pool of blood under his head.

He’s really dead. I did it.

I glanced at the door. It was padlocked as always, but he couldn’t stop me anymore. I found the key and opened my prison.

Five years being held against my will, and I was finally free.


I felt the excitement. I’m standing center stage in the golden spotlight, basking in the warm glow of attention, cameras flashing, press screaming my name. All I ever wanted. I smiled, my best coquette, come-hither enticement, laughed a soft trill, and waved like royalty.

Now I was the star.

Now everyone knew who I was.

Marla Everdeen would never take this away from me. She couldn’t. Not with the bullet I put in her head. And I’d beat this murder rap, you’d see. I’ll put on my best performance and walk out of the courtroom a free woman and famous.

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