Drabble Wednesday: Holiday Edition

And we come to our last Drabble Wednesday for 2020. I’ll be back in the new year with more stories and introduce the Flying Monkey Genetic Laboratories to everyone. But for today, enjoy these three holiday tales from Frankie and Joni.

Frankie’s Twelve Typos of Christmas

“Frankie, I thought you said the Christmas show was finished?”
“It is. All twelve days are there and working.”
“Then come here and explain it to me.”
A grumpy Frankie joined me. “What’s wrong?”
“Um, it’s kind of obvious. You have five gold wings, not rings. There are shrimp swimming in a tank of water. And why are the geese praying?”
“They’re prawns not shrimp. And that’s what the lyric sheet they sent me said. Five golden wings, six geese a praying, and seven prawns a swimming.”
I sighed. “Oh. So it’s corporate’s fault for a change. Good to know.”

Frankie and Joni’s Christmas Party

“What were you thinking!” I screamed at Frankie as we ran through the halls of… “What is this
“Um, that I wanted to ride in the Tardis? And it’s the palace of something or other. I forget! Oh,
they’re getting closer!”
“Oh, crap! What’s the Tardis have to do with our virtual Christmas party?”
“You know, bigger on the inside and all that! It made a fun venue! I mean before—” Laser fire
hit the wall and he sped past me. “I didn’t think this would happen!”
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have invited the Daleks! Now keep running!”

Seasons Greetings

“Merry Christmas!” Frankie grinned past a forkful of pumpkin pie. Accompanying his well wishes were the snores of a well fed cat and guinea pig.
I grinned back. Our pets were friends now, or at least had a truce of sorts, and a fine holiday dinner went off without a hitch this time. “And Happy New Year! May all our troubles disappear.”
“And may all our days have pumpkin pie!” Frankie popped the forkful of pie in his mouth and ate it with gusto. I took a bite of my dessert with a bit more decorum.
“Happy Holidays to everyone.”

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