Drabble Wednesday: The Truth

Three more installments of the Fluffy and Fluffernutter saga. Next week (hopefully) will be holiday themed stories and then I take a break until January.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

Interrogating Fluffy

“Are you sure this thing is safe?”
Frankie nodded. “Perfectly. And the language translator will tell us exactly what Fluffy is saying. Still think this is a weird idea though.”
I sighed. “Hook him up.”
Frankie strapped an indignant Fluffy into the machine. I waited a beat, and asked, “What are you up to?”
Fluffy squeaked and the machine droned, “Trying to rule the cats.”
I blinked. “What? Why?”
“Yeah,” Frankie added. “Isn’t that an exercise in futility? Cats never listen.”
Fluffy scuffed his little paws. “Okay, you got me. It was about revenge. I wanted revenge on the cat.”

The Plot Thickens

“What did Fluffernutter ever do to you” Frankie stared at Fluffy with a mixture of indignation and shock on his face.
“Are you serious?” Fluffy danced excitedly, squeaking, “He freaking tried to eat me!”
“I bet he was defending his territory! You never gave him a chance.”
I interrupted, “Maybe we should hook the cat up to this thing. See what he has to say.” I winked at Fluffy, who calmed down.
Frankie grinned. “That’s a great idea!” And he raced off, coming back moments later with a hissing cat.
I hastily unhooked Fluffy and then it was Fluffernutter’s turn.

The Cat’s Turn

Frankie asked, “Did you try to hurt Fluffy? Did he provoke you?”
Fluffernutter hissed, and then snarled, “Sure I did, and he did nothing. Why shouldn’t I eat the little hairball? The world never gave me any breaks.” He hissed again. “Got to hand it to him though, the hairy rat can take care of himself. Never expected him to retaliate.”
Frankie rushed forward, hugging Fluffernutter, who screamed, “Why do you keep doing that!”
Frankie let go, smiling, “Because you need it. You’re sad, lonely and should be hugged.”
Fluffernutter growled, but I saw a little tear in his eye.

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