National Poetry Month: Lie until Broken


Lie until Broken

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is lie

Lie is happiness

Lie is illusion

Illusion believed

Illusion becomes truth

Truth exists

Truth fades

Fades from sight

Fades from telling

Telling fibs

Telling silence

Silence is normal

Silence is fear

Fear lives

Fear breathes

Breathes inside

Breathes change

Change lanes

Change perspective

Perspective bends reality

Perspective narrows

Narrows to one

Narrows to hate

Hate festers

Hate is normal

Normal is relative

Normal is delusion

Delusion spreads

Delusion thrives

Thrives in belief

Thrives in viewpoint

Viewpoint reaction

Viewpoint precarious

Precarious perch

Precarious justification

Justification mouthpiece

Justification argument

Argument futility

Argument infinity

Infinity prospect

Infinity vortex

Vortex culls

Vortex consumes

Consumes peace

Consumes hope

Hope for innocence

Hope is broken



© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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