Drabble Wednesday: Virtual Food

The drabbles are back with Frankie and Joni and fun with food and song.

Photo by Alexey Demidov on Pexels.com

If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Cake

“What do you think, dragonfruit and a cowbell or papaya and a handbell?”
“What?” I looked up from the latest Ren Faire music vid and stared at Frankie.
“For the new program.”
“Which one? Corporate’s been keeping us so busy I can’t keep track.”
“The cooking show.”
“The one with the cupcake racing or the juggling chefs?”
“Neither. The one where the audience throws fruit or rings a bell to judge a cake.”
“I thought that one got scrubbed?”
“It did, but now it’s back in rotation. Now which one?”
“Dragonfruit and cowbells. More noise and less chance of injury.”


“It’s a blue oyster and potato kind of day.” Frankie’s off-key voice bellowed out a song as I entered with lunch. “Along the windswept sunny way. Give me a blue oyster and potato kind of day.”
“Sorry, they were all out of oysters. You’ll have to settle for chicken bites and fried chips.”
“Oh, hey. Cool, I love that.” He grabbed his takeout packet and dug into his lunch with gusto.
“What’s with the golden oldies? I haven’t heard that song in years.”
“New vid request from Corporate came down after you left, for a program called Sing That Song.”

Duck Soup

“I don’t think the donkey should be swimming in gravy.”
“What should he be swimming in, then?”
“Water.” I glanced down at my tablet notes. “Plus, that oversized pot should be a pond with a duck. The donkey is supposed to be in the meadow.”
Frankie frowned. “Where does the gravy go then? And what about the soup?”
“What are you babbling about?”
Frankie showed me his notes from Corporate. “See here it says: The main display is donkey gravy and duck soup.”
I laughed. “Frankie, your tablet is glitching. It merged the nature program with the Thanksgiving dinner display.”

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